Le Régrimet

Chambres d'Hôtes en Drôme des Collines

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Do you like walking ?

There are a few easy walks that start directly from the house. Here are some downloadable on your GPS or your smartphone.

In the footsteps of Facteur Cheval

Here is an easy walk from Hauterives.
It goes to the cemetery where raises the Postman Cheval's grave then it follows Galaure river before rising on hills overhanging Hauterives.
It offers by places of magnificent views on the valley of Galaure or the village of Tersanne and far off on the massif of Pilat.
To see on the path some attractive houses in pebbles and pisé.

About 2 or 3 hours walking.
Le plateau des Charmes

This easy walk about 1:30 long leaves directly our house.
The path rises at first in undergrowth during 30 minutes before arriving on the plateau des Charmes. Far off it offers attractive views on the massif of Vercors.
You'll return on a path through the woods which will lead you to the entry of the village in front of " Christian's Rainbow ".
In season, sweet chestnuts and mushrooms will be there.

About 1 or 1:30 walking.
Lens Lestang by the chapel of Châtenay

Leave our house and walk an hour in our village.
You will pass by the chapel of Châtenay. You will discover attractive houses in pebbles or in pisé as well as beautiful strong houses.

About 1:00 walking.


Par la Route des Châteaux (The road of Castles)

Leave our house in the direction of the village and walk by the church in pebbles.
You are on the Road of Castles, an attractive easy walk about 1:30 which will make you discover very beautiful houses. The walk continues through fields to return towards the village.

About 1:30 walking.
Le Prieuré de Manthes et les vergers de Moras (Priory of Manthes and Orchards of Moras)

This easy walk leaves directly our house.
It passes by the church in pebbles of Lens Lestang, follows the road of Castles and joins through fields the village of Manthes. You'll see the Priory and the beautiful Port de Jonc.
On the return you will cross the orchards of Moras (pear trees and black-currant bushes).

About 2:30 walking.